Sunlight Soap

An identity design proposal.


Visual Identity






Commercial Consumerism


Sunlight is a company that sells all-purpose soaps and is owned by Unilever. Sunlight Soap has a long rich history dating back to 1884 when it was first discovered in England by the Lever Brothers. It is more famously known as the first soap to ever be branded and packaged. The Success of the product is thanks to the various cleaning purposes as well as its all-natural ingredients consisting of vegetable oils such as palm oil. The name of the soap is a tribute to all the hard workers that come from the local town called “Port Sunlight”.


However, the everyday cleaning product industry is cluttered with various product lines that exist for various cleaning purposes, yet the branding of all these multipurpose products offers very little creativity and variety in branding across the board.


To make Sunlight Soap stand out, consumers need to be visually attracted to the branding that reminds them of the rich history, environmentally-friendly ingredient, and its affordability. Sunlight Soap exists to safely aid as a cleaning product no matter what the cleaning job is. If you want to do laundry, do the dishes, clean the counters or whatever your cleaning job requires then Sunlight Soap is the brand for you.

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